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Geoff Grace - AWOL or MIA?

Dan South

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Hey Dan and Gustavo, thanks for thinking of me, my friends. :wave:


Originally posted by Dan South:

Where the heck did Geoff run off to? Tahiti?

I started with the letter A: Anaheim and Arizona. :)


Originally posted by GusTraX:

I saw him posting on Jan 25th... and I am still concerned about his father's surgery.


Geoff... where r u?

How are things going?

Things are going well. Other than a minor complication, which has now healed, my dad's surgery went well. Of course, he's now virtually deaf in one ear until his follow up surgery, but that's what we expected. He's taking it all in good stride though. :thu:


Immediately after NAMM, I had an eventful trip to Arizona (where my dad's operation was). I had a good meeting with my publisher there; and at my parents' house, I sorted through all of my leftover belongings that I had failed to take with me when I moved out long ago. Among my old stuff, I discovered the original issues of Contemporary Keyboard magazine (of which I was a charter subscriber), a trophy I received for winning my high school talent show, photos and reviews of my old bands, and a lot of other cool things that brought back a ton of memories! I carted them all home with me when I drove back to California a couple of days ago.


I hit the ground running as soon as I got home. I am performing in Santa Monica tomorrow , and I had to write and rehearse two of the songs I'm playing. I'm performing two songs by myself and accompanying my wife on another two songs that we wrote together (and which we previously performed last April when we were in New York).


Whew! :eek:


To top it all off, work is also picking up, so my posting may be a bit less regular than usual for awhile. But I'll be checking in and posting when I can.


How are you both doing?





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