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Mike Martin or GeoSync ........need your help please


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Hey this is a question for Mike or Geosync, but just in case you guys have any knowledge on this I'll welcome your input.


This is a followup to a previous post I made on KSS re : MotifES being splashed all over with fruit juice.


Anyway so much juice was splashed over it that some got under the screen and the screen is messed up. I can read all the information however it looks like when you get gravy stain on your white linen an the stain ruins the outfit.


I pulled the board apart and got right down to the screen. It doesnt seem like there is anyway to clean between the outer glass and the character portion without killing it completely so I would like to know if I can purchase just the screen from Yamaha. Otherwise the board is working fine.

THanks again guys

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Originally posted by Mike Martin:

I'll have to find out availability for you on Tuesday. The Yamaha office is closed on Monday.

Thanks Mike, I'll be checking back to see the outcome or you can email me at skyyder@hotmail.com.


Could you please include the cost of the screen in your reply and how long will it take for delivery.


Merci beaucoup

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