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Speakeasy pre-amp question

Tom Fiala

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I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these highly acclaimed speakeasy preamps to beef up my clonewheel sounds - but am not sure which model would be best.


I have several source of hammond type sounds - the voce v5 (mono), and also the motif rack and kurz pc2r (both stereo). I was initially thinking of getting it just for the voce, but then it occurred to me, I could run all of my stuff through it, but thant would take a stereo model (more $$)


Also, I'm not too clear on why I should have the leslie-activating footswitch to my motion-sound amp attaching to the SE unit, rather than leaving it attached to the MS KBR-3d, as it currently is. Can someone explain that for me?


So: Classic or Howler or switchable? Rack mount or pedal? Suggestions from those in the know appreciated.


I've e-mailed the gang at SE too....waiting to hear back.

Tom F.

"It is what it is."

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Weird timing. I'm getting ready to sell one of these. I was an original beta tester for Speakeasy when they first started business a few years ago. I have more than one and don't need them all! Here's what I have (sorry if this is like spam, but I'm a regular here).


My review is on Speakeasy's website. Let me know if you cannot find it.


Speakeasy Website


Speakeasy Vintage Music

Clone Stereo Vintage Tube Preamp

Classic Tube Configuration

Leslie 122 Option with slow/fast jack


2U Rack Mount


Like new condition

Great price


Please contact me offline if you are interested. I can email photos.





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I have a classic stereo version with organ through one side and all pianos through the other. It's a rackmount, so I keep my original Motion Sound footswitch. I love it.


Besides reading up, you could also give Steve a call and describe your rig to him and the kind of sound you're shooting for. He'll know exactly what you need.

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The more options you add -the less decisions you have to make. :confused:


I got the clone stereo rack with classic/howler option and Motion Sound foot switch. I use Classic most of the time but it's nice to have that Howler when I'm in the mood. At the time I was pretty sure I'd end up with a Motion Sound Pro 145. A few months later I got interestred in Leslies and had Steve add a Leslie 122 connector and a 147 connector and modify the footswitch input to handle either one of these. I ended up with the 147. I dont need the Barker as I'm studio use only(I had him put all connectors in the back) and run it off the direct outs of my mixer with preamps to give me a decent signal into the SE. For live applications you may want the Barker. I only use it with my CX-3 and B4 but if you want to use it with other synths/keyboards you may want to opt for a hybrid or the Platinum which does it all. I wish I knew what my Leslie and a bad preamp sounds like but this is the only one I've owned . It is extremely noise free and playing B4 through the SE to a 147 with a CX-3 as a controller--I'm in heaven. Steve is one of the nicest guys to deal with and will build it your way. Good luck.

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