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Screaming Voice?


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Antares Autoscream. :P


Seriously, I am assuming that you are asking what makes their screams sound so powerful.


Two things:


1) Mults: 6 to 8 tracks of scream with the same inflection (remember, you are not trying to sound like a crowd), with only one of them way up in the mix...the rest are there to add thickness. And remember that with frequency content like that you CAN have phase problems, even without sonically identical tracks, that could weaken the sound.


2) Compression. You would think just limiting would suffice, but when you "plateau" in volume, you are going to start having subtle variations in loudness that are going to weaken the sound.


That said, I remember reading one of the VERY few interviews with Mutt Lange in which he said that the present lead singer for AC/DC (Brian Johnson?) actually is not singing that loud...almost whispering. They put two or three popper stoppers in front of the mic to kill the breathy hiss, and then they compress the hell out of it. I tried this before and I learned that it would take a LOT of practice to control ones breath and intonation to SIMULATE screaming in such a manner.


Also, be very careful if you try this kind of overblown singing. I can tell you firsthand that it's an easy way to knock your voice out of commission for a long time if you don't work up to it.

"For instance" is not proof.


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