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Poly Evolver - Prototype Review

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For anyone that's interested in a few more details about the upcoming DSI Poly Evolver, along with a few more pics, wander on over to the following topic in the EX5Tech Evolver discussion forum:




I had a prototype Poly Evolver for testing and preset programming prior to Winter NAMM, and finally made some time to post a mini review of sorts.


It's quite a nice machine, and I can't wait for the final product!

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So, Ski, let me see if my little brain has this right:


A single Poly program has all the same components as a single evolver (e.g., 3 delays, not 12, 4 lfos, not 16), but will play with four-note polyphony?


But then, in the equivalent of multi mode, you can layer 4 different programs, meaning you CAN employ up to 16 lfos, if you ever found a reason to? But in this scenario--4 layered programs--you're not still getting 4-note polyphony, are you? That would seem to be 16 note polyphony? If you use 4 different programs per note, would it have to be monphonic? My head hurts. :freak:

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Magpel - Whoa! You mean you have a big brain AND a little brain?! :eek:


I think you have it all correct...


On the Poly, in regular old "Program" mode, it's exactly like playing an Evolver, except you have four note polyphony. Well, I guess you could say it's exactly like playing FOUR Evolvers chained together, each of which is playing the same program (aka patch). ;)


In "Combo" mode, you can select anywhere from one to four Programs. As stated in my review at EX5Tech, you can specify note range, velocity range, pitch, and # of voices (among lots of other things) for each of those Programs. Some example combinations (sorry for the pun!) of what you can do in a "Combo" include:


Layer four instances of the *same* Program (say a detuned four saw wave patch), detune the four Programs a bit, and end up with a monster 16 oscillator detuned saw wave monophonic lead. Or bass.


Use two Programs, a bass synth patch, and a pad, creating a keyboard split with a monophonic bass for the left hand and a three note polyphonic pad for the right.


Use two Programs, say an analog kick drum and an analog snare, set up the velocity ranges, and have a duophonic Combo that plays the kick at low velocity, and the snare at high velocity.


Use four different Programs, each a different analog and/or digital tone, and have a four note polyphonic setup where each of the four notes in a chord play a different tone. Some nice "electronic chamber music", anyone?


Use four different Programs, each with its own different sequence (remember each Evo engine has four 16 step sequencers), for a 16 part 16 step sequence. Of course, each sequence can be playing a different tempo and time signature. Now MY head hurts!


Clear as mud? :D

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