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Alesis Micron Synthesizer

Groovepusher Sly

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Alan Meyer from Alesis posted to the Yahoo Ion mailing list that they had a target price of 499.00.


Full text of his message below. No mention of the dimensions, but he does say that several of the Micron features will find their way back into the Ion (minus the Reverb).




) The Micron uses full-size keys. We agree that the MicroKorg is hard to play.


2) The Micron will have a phrase sequencer, and the ability to have at least 4, and up to 8 parts. This new firmware is one of the reasons that the Micron won't ship for a few more months, but will add value to the product. Eventually, we plan to integrate the features back into the Ion.


3) We had to make some internal design improvements in order to save cost and get the product to have a $499 price. This means that we

need to spend some time to change the firmware to support the new internal hardware. Keep in mind that the voicing engine is the same.


4) The Micron has a dedicated Reverb chip, and the Ion doesn't. This is simply to address the request from end-users like yourselves. The

Ion will not be able to support the new Reverb programs.


5) The Micron and Ion will ultimately be patch-compatible, except for hardware limitations (reverb) that otherwise prevent it. Ion firmware will need to be updated to support this.


6) The Micron is primarily designed to address the user base that wants the sounds, but does not want the editing capability. The Micron will be editable, but only via the computer. The unit itself will only have very limiting editing capabilitites.


Hope that helps.





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I was told $695 list so maybe $499 is maybe a bit aggressive. I actually like it as a possible subsititue for those two octave controllers. Three octaves with the pitch bend above the keyboard is only a little bigger than many two octaves. Nice and compact. Didn't hear it but assume it to sound just like the Ion.



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