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Best place to get quality midi files of popular songs


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Hi, a friend and I are going to start a business which will require us to get at least 1000 polyphonic midi files with their monophonic little brothers. Being a musician myself, I am going to be very concious of the handling of royalties etc and will be dealing with ascap, bmi, hfa etc.

-Where is the best place to buy large volumes of various pop, rock, rap, country etc midi files that are high quality, sounding as close to the song as a midi file can??

-Do you know of any sites where the files are free to use, even for profit whereas we would still pay the appropriate royalties to the copyright owners, but not have to pay for the actual midi files etc? Basically stuff from sequencers who just do it post em for fun and not asking for money in return.

There's lots of sites with midi etc, but the problem is that most of them don't say anything about who the sequencers are or where they got the files from. We don't want to use a bunch of these and get hit with a lawsuit down the road from the creators of the midi files.


I'd appreciate any tips or links to contacts that may have info.




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TranTracks, which in my experience, are excellent, will sell 100 files for $500.00.


this is the best deal they have on their site, but I bet if you contacted them for 1000 files, you'd get a smokin' deal. They are really nice.

"For instance" is not proof.


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