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Easy Question!

Chad Thorne

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Hi, all, first time caller, guitarist/bassist skulking over from those forums to ax a question.


The famous "Linus 'n Lucy" theme written by Vince Guaraldi, that evry keyboardist seems to have a bash at - what key is it in? I'm transcribing it for a friend because a)I'm too cheap to buy the sheet music; b) it's good transcription practice.


Thanks, and to all you keyboardists who play bass with your left hand - I don't take it personally. I will crush you, but I don't take it personally... :D



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I used to get Sheet Music magazine when I was a kid. This was not long after I started taking piano lessons, so my parents ordered me the "easy play" edition. Man, was I disappointed with the Linus and Lucy arrangement that showed up in one issue. Not only was it in the wrong key ©, it didn't even have an accurate transcription of the relatively simple bass line (instead it was all quarter notes). After that I made my parents resubscribe me, this time with the "standard" edition...



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