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Sound/Sample quality - an observation


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I am a longtime Kurzweil user (PC88MX, PC2R, K2000) and have routinely praised the qualty of sounds on thee boards. However, I recently purchased a Yamaha S90 and am amazed at how much better the Yamaha sounds in terms of a recording mix.


Any reasons for this - besides the obivous 'its newer' answer? Many of the samples on the PC2R sound superior on their own...but pale in comparison to how the S90 sits in a mix. I'm talking bass, drums, strings, pianos and organs. Pretty typical stuff. I record direct to a Fostex VF-16 and haven't changed my recording "techniques" at all since getting the S90.


I'm just curious about the technology and why the architecture of the sounds would make them sound better in a mix than they do on their own.

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Well, K2500 and K2600 are great machines and workstations. S90 is a performance synth and aounding very good. I am not recording engineer or studio expert, but I still think any machine will do if you and your orinets like how it sounds in the mix. So it's very subjective, unless you put 'am all through the spectral analizer and compare the results
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I can't say I have done a comparison directly between the Yami and the Kurzweils in question but I do know that every manufacturer subtly tweaks their sounds for optimal performance. That means the sounds come to you pre EQ'ed and will have very distinct audio signatures so that they will perform consistently with each other and build a following based on their overall sound design. It appears that the S90 may have better mixing to work in an arrangement versus the Kurzweils with perhaps "wow" you with fuller pads etc?

As an example: in my experience fat Roland patches (which sound great on their own) often need to be thinned out a lot in the studio as compared to the Yamaha gear or they just lay there and choke up a mix with extraneous frequencies.


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