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Hardware sequencers


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Anybody using one still? I'm considering getting either a Yamaha QY700 or RS7000. Strictly for using my digital piano to demo "piano" tunes (I have a Yamaha P-250 and the built in digitial {{i.e., midi}} recorder is kinda cumbersome...)

If not the Yamaha, then maybe one of the older Roland Mc's (the 500MkII or the 700)

Any thoughts/opinions?


Big T from NY


Nord Electro 5D, Modal Cobalt 8, Yamaha upright piano, numerous plug-ins...

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The last one I used was an MMT-8. Eventually I was using a DataDisk update that let me run the sequences I created on the MMT-8 live from that instead of the MMT-8. It mostly had the advantage of being rack mounted and a much more reliable interface.

So I guess the answer is nope. I do not use one anymore but I still have them if I ever change my mind. :)


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