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I'm also thinking about this issue, as I recently added a Darkstar to my rig. My current config has a Hammond on the left and a MK80 on an X-stand on the right. Atop the Hammond are a JP8000 and a ring modulator, so there's no room for more stuff. Atop the MK80 is a QS71 and a Boss digital delay, with an ExpMate atop the delay - once again, no room.


I've considered a couple options:


a) a separate small table at the 'back' of the rig. Since the MK80 is to my left and the Hammond to my right, this would make it a 'U' configuration (with the opening facing the audience). The Boss delay & ExpMate would likely find their way to the table.


b) a new, heavy-duty 'frame' stand with folding legs for the MK80 (I've never been fond of having it on that flimsy X-stand anyway). I could then create a bolt-on bracket to hold the Darkstar in a somewhat vertical position. Long as it doesn't block my view of the drummer, this could work.


Option B is the more likely choice.

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A two-tier stand, with a plywood board on the second tier, works pretty well for desktop units. I had a woodshop guy make one, painted matte black with a 3/8" lip on the front end, and it worked great (if I had any clue how to work powertools I could have done it myself in half an hour!).
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I was looking for the exact same and the closest I could find to my needs were some of the mixer stands that come with coasters - but they were expensive and bulky for what I wanted - so I made my own:


1. Went to Guitar Center and bought a tripod sheet music stand (I think it was about $30-40 or so).

2. Drilled out the 6 rivets attaching the music 'platform' to the stand base.

3. Bought some angle aluminum bar stock from Home Depot and cut it the same length as the Virus C (you don't need to do this, it just helps to reinforce the stand)

4. Add some support bars w/pegs to the aluminum angle bar with countersunk head screws and lockwashers (had them laying around - should be able to get these from Guitar Center as well).

5. The pivot and height adjustments already built into the music stand are great because now you can get your Virus C at the correct position over your controller keyboard.

6. The stand is very stable and won't wobble around as you play your controller keyboard.


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