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Depeche Mode Keyboard Appreciation Day (every day for me!))


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Everything at the Espresso bar is on the house, and help yourself to the gourmet chocolates...


I still remember hearing "People are People" on the radio for the first time - I'd never heard sampled sounds like that before. "Some Great Reward" was like nothing I had ever heard before - these keyboard guys seriously rocked!


Successful for over 20 years now, Depeche Mode have influenced countless artists, spawned other legendary electronic bands (Yaz, Erasure, Recoil), and haven't wimped out.


Recently, the D.A. Pennebaker film "101" was re-released on DVD, Dave Gahan and Martin Gore both released solo CDs (Martin's 2nd), and there's talk of DM starting work on a new CD.


Let's hear it for DM!

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<sips the last of his double-tall Americano...>


Ahhh...now that I'm all hopped up on caffeine, I'll add my vote in for the Boys from Basildon! :thu:


Loved 'em the first time I heard "Just Can't Get Enough" - luckily, they only got better from their Vince Clarke-penned bubblegum beginnings (he did too!).


They're fantastic live, and Alan Wilder's Recoil project is some of my most fave electronic stuff ever - VERY dark and creepy! :D:eek:

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Originally posted by Homer Jeebus:

How about Exciter? Would you say it's as good or as groundbreaking as their past stuff?


Sounds quite different to me, and I think a large part of that is due to the Mark Bell production.

Not groundbreaking, but still a cool album nonetheless. The combo of Mark Bell (check out the new LFO CD!!) and Gareth Jones' engineering was a great compliment to Martin's songs. :thu:
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I always did like Some Great Reward. I was in college when they broke out. For all the synth-pop bands that came out during the 80's they seemed to have most interesting stuff. Yaz, Yello et. al didn't seem to have the staying power.



Famous Musical Quotes: "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve" - Xavier Cugat

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I liked Exciter. Seemed very cohesive as an album, and mature in a good kind of way. It was a little on the mellow side, so I'd like to see them swing towards something more upbeat next time around.


They've always used great producers, but I think I liked it best when Flood was doing their stuff (and Alan Wilder was still part of the band).

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