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Anybody have the Tascam SX-1 recorder


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I am assuming you are in Inglewood California, right?


I'd recommend calling the Hollywood Guitar Center. They have them at all of the locations in Chicago that I've been to...I can't imagine that the flagship store wouldn't have one.


I really think it's cool. It's really the only integrated DAW with a sequencer. It reminds me of Mastertracks Pro6, which was a very underrated piece of software.

"For instance" is not proof.


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Thanks zeroyne for the infor it's been awhile since i've been to GC in hollywood but i dont think the GC by me has one (southbay area).Reason i'm asking is because it's time to update my computer (P-3 600)and it's for music.Jus want to see which way to go i know the tascam cost more but that's not a problem if that is the best way to go jus dont know yet
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