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Sturdy keyboard stand

Rhythm n beatz

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Are these two companies products really 'sturdy", Years ago I had an invisible which was lost in a move. The invisible is what I mean by sturdy.


I'm going to look into the Standtastic. Might be what I'm looking for.


Originally posted by DKeenum:

Ultimate and Quick-lok come to mind.

My studio is my instrument


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Originally posted by Rabid:

I don't really care for it as a double keyboard stand because the tiers are not stable enough.

On the off chance I didn't make myself clear, when I say a double-x stand, I don't mean a double-tiered x-stand, I mean a double-braced single keyboard x-stand, like this:







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That is the one I have but I butchered it a bit to make it more useful.


I took off the second keyboard tier so that I have better access to my Roland Fantom. This also lets me use the right side of the Fantom for my computer mouse.


Reversed the monitor arms and now they slant forward and hold my Yamaha DX200 and AN200.


Switched the small tables so that my computer keyboard sits on the right and the other holds my XL-7 or any new piece of hardware that I am learning.


Lowered the video monitor stand and placed my sampler on it with a monitor sitting on top. This way I found a use for those shelves underneith. They no longer hold just manuals. Now one holds my SCSI CD ROM that connects to the sampler.


This stand really helped me get organized into a nice working environment. I cannot afford nice studio furniture so this was a good alternative.



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I own two Invisibles and a Standtastic. I like the Standtastic a lot better because it allows me to:


  • Adjust the heights of the "tiers" independently
  • Is far easier to setup and tear down
  • Adjust the width


All in all, the Standtastic is a pretty well-designed stand. Musician's Friend often has them on sale, but the shipping can get you (I think they're considered over-size because of the length). If you can wait for a "free shipping" promotion you'll be better off.

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Originally posted by Botch.:

I've got a Standtastic, an Invisible (no longer made), Ultimate Support A-frame, and a couple of those X-style stands, and far and away prefer the Standtastic. :thu::thu::thu:

I still use my Invisible stand I bought in 1987.

That thing is a rock! I also have a Quick lock X type stand. The Quick lock is easier to transpor and fold up, but it tends to sway quite a bit when playing.

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