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NL3 and guitar pedals


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I think I've decided for the Nord Lead 3 as my sinth...as a satisfied Electro owner I have a preference for Clavia. Then the NL3 has a deep engine, a great interface, versatile sound...no effects.


My questions to NL owners are:

- a master keyboard controlling it...is it easy to program let's say "a split on the 5 octave master and a lead on the NL itself"?


- On the manual I haven't found transpose...is it there anywhere?


- Since it doens't have effects, considering I'll only play live, which kind of guitar pedal effects do you suggest? I like the Boss line: distorsion, delay, chorus, reverb, wah-wah...what?


Thank you,


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Hi Mooghead!


My live rig is based around a Nord Lead 3 and an Electro 2. This has worked great for me, and I hope you´ll be happy with it, too. If I understand correctly, you want to play a lead sound from the NL, and other NL sounds from a master keyboard (i.e. the Electro). This is easy; just run a MIDI cable from the master keyboard to the NL. Set the MIDI channel(s) on the NL so that they correspond to the MIDI channel settings on the master keyboard (or the other way around; the basic setting of the NL is slots ABCD set to channels 1234). The slot you select will be the one triggered by the NL´s keyboard, the other sounds will respond to the MIDI master. Just make sure you don´t set the sound you want to play from the NL keyboard to the same MIDI channel as the master keyboard. This way you will be able to play different sounds from both keyboards. I prefer doing all this stuff in the two combination banks. Transpose is either done with the two buttons directly to the left of the keyboard, or by working the oscillator pitch rotary encoders.

Feel free to experiment with all kinds of pedals. Wah-wah pedals may not be nescessary because of the onboard filters (get a foot controller, I use a Roland FC-7). Chorusing can be achieved by detuning and unison, but if you want fat chorusing you might want to go for a dedicated pedal. I run my NL through a small Mackie mixer connected to a Line6 delay modeller and a TC electronics M-200 for reverb, that´s been working just fine for me.

Good luck with your new setup!


/J :D nas

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Thank you very much for your opinions...


My set will be like this:


- Yammy P90

- Electro 73

- Nord Lead 3

- SL 161 controlling both the Electro and the Nord Lead, switching the slave directly from the SL 161 zone control


Yes, probably I don't need anything, that's why I like the "no effects" philosophy...just a bit of reverb on the P90...by the way, does the P90 has a transpose function?

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Mooghead, I'm using a NL1 on stage. Instead of going the guitar-stompbox route, I've got it running thru a Yamaha SPX-900. It takes longer to program, and you can't adjust effects on-the-fly, but it sounds KILLER and all I have to do live is select the patch, the SPX sets itself for each patch. I agree with your "minimal effects" philosophy on something like piano or organ, but I think an analog synth sound should have effects poured liberally all over it!


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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