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Disabled person has a question.

King Grinch

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Sure it's possible. Don't be afraid to just dive right in. I saw Dr. Billy Taylor play this piece that he did entirely with his left hand and I'll never be able to play it with both of mine. It might be hard to do classical music, but doing pop stuff and playing with DP or Logic will be no sweat. Sometimes when I'm programming I deliberately keep my left hand off the keyboard so that I leave room for the bass in the mix. I say yea! Get started!!
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One thing at a time.


We don't know the degree of your CP, so it's hard to say whether you'd be able to or not. First, perhaps you should talk to your doctor or physical therapist in this regard.


If it's a matter of being limited to control with your right hand, then yes...there is plenty of music you can make with that hand alone. Personally, my left hand is so poor as a keyboardist that you'll probably surpass my skills quickly. :)


There are many disabled people who manage to play keyboards and other instruments very well. Also, today's technology can help you compose and perform with computer software that can assist you where your physical abilities are limited.


Best of luck to you!


- Jeff

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