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Gig Pictures

Rod S

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Haven't been around lately too much .. (busy playing ;) ), Just some pics I wanted to share with you... (Repost from For the band forum... since most of you guys don't venture that way)


OK, this is from our last gig - Julie (the singer I play with) is the one in red - my main gig is doing acoustic covers with her (piano and voice only). The other one is a friend of ours who did a voice duet with her in one of the songs. I like doing the gigs in this place because I get to use a real grand piano (usually I'll take my kurzweil) - nice for a change.


We usually do american pop/rock covers, but we decided to put a different spin and do brazilian MPB songs for this one - tough, but it was nice to know we can do well at other styles as well.









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