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Where can I find a Quality De-esser?

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I always seem to have sibilance problems on my dialogue tracks for VO spots.


My vocal chain is a TLM-103 (or a 414TL-II) into a D.W. Fearn VT-2 into an Amek/Neve 9098 C/L, then into the Steinberg 8/IO.


I try to keep away from the 414 because of the exagerated highs, though the 103 is also a pretty bright mic.


Are there any VST or DX plugs you guys are using for this?

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Use the side chain of a quality compressor. This works better and is fully adjustable than these pre-fab de-essers.


The side chain is actualy a trigger, so if you split the vocal signal into two channels of your desk, one "normal" and on the second channel empasis the "SSss", and use the second channel as a trigger, this wil duck the unwanted "SSss" sounds.


You have to connect the unprocessed channel to the compressor. Now, experiment with the settings...


Good luck!

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