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Hi, just wanted to post a heads-up. I just got an e-mail that claimed to be from PayPal, with a weblink in it. Funny thing was, PayPal was misspelled. That link would have gone who knows where, and likely would have asked me to log in with account information. People, don't do it. There's a new thing where people spoof websites to steal your account information. I also got an e-mail from eBay, asking me to login for security reasons. There was a login field right there in the e-mail! There was a pretty bad case of this involving BestBuy: the BestBuy website was imitated so closely that clicking on the logo in the corner would take you to the real website, and a number of credit card accounts were compromised. So be very careful.
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Yep, I ALMOST fell for the Paypal scam about 6 months ago. The email looked incredibly legit, as did the web link (where they wanted me to re-enter the account info). They both had identical looking graphics.


The email to me stated that they had computer server problems and lost some of the members' info, and needed those accounts updated.


Good thing I thought about it before I entered any account info.... I did a search and found that it was scam.

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