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Korg, Roland or Yamaha?,


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All the workstations are fabulous. The Motif ES has the most polyphony and is supposed to have the best pianos in a workstation, but you have to do some serious dissecting or be a classical perfectionist to really hear it. It's also supposed to have some excellent filters now, and the synth expansions for the Yamaha are fantastic. However I personally prefer the Triton Studio and Fantom because of the expansion roms available, and I know the filters will give me what I want. The Kurzweil is an astoundingly cool instrument too, but if you want to program it yourself, it has a few arcane things to learn.


I doubt you could consider one a "best" instrument, as they're all VERY capable either in the studio or stage, and if you listen to them side by side they do sound rather similar. Having said all that, the Triton Studio is a killer workstation, practically a standard instrument, and you can probably use it by itself and not need another synth. Especially with the MOSS synth board and some sound roms installed.

This keyboard solo has obviously been tampered with!
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