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Korg DSS-1 Floppy Questions


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The floppy of my Korg DSS-1 is going out. It won't load in most sound programs and some it will only load partially. The original is a Canon MD350. My Bro' sent me a Teac FD-235HF 240-U. I can get it to spin up but it gives either a "drive not ready" or "unformatted floppy" type error.


How can I get it to recognize 720K 2DD disks? 7 rows of jumper pins are as follows:

* * H-HO

* * OP

* * LHI

* * HHI

* * D1

* * D0

* * FG


it came with 2 - 2 pin jumper clips but I don't know where to place them. FG pins are soldered together. Placing a jumper between D0 pins seem to let the Korg recognize the floppy. I've tried placing the 2nd jumper horizontally across each of the other pin pairs sucessivly doesn't seem to work.


Shouldn't this drive work in 2DD mode? Someone is selling a drive that supposedly works but I don't have 65 bucks for their floppy drive.




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