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Paul McCartney has a new baby!

Jeff Irok

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A new father at 61! IMHO it's rather selfish. Think about it - Paul will be pushing 80 when the kid is in high school. He'll probably be getting Depends just about the time she gets out of Huggies. What kind of a father-daughter relationship will that make? Worse, she will be very lucky if he lives long enough to see her graduate.
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It was probably her idea anyway....sorta like having a trophy around the house. One way to leave history behind when ya go! Too bad it wasn't a boy to carry his name.


I think he's goofy for doing that IMHO. I would have thought he would have better sense at his age. Gray hair reflects wisdom!!!???


Jazznman :cool:

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the baby said she had nothing against Heather's right leg


neither did Heather apparently







Paul McCartney does however go around singing "Peg of My Heart" quite a lot. He and Heather were going to sing a duet for "Band on the Run" . . . "Band on the Limp" more like it.


Surely you all must remember these gems from Paul's recent live shows:


The Lovely Limper

3 Legs

Ram On (yer stump and let's go dancing)

Bip Bop Limp

Mumob Limp

Get On the Right Leg

Little Lame Dragonfly

Single Pigeon Leg

Hold Me Tight (and you won'd tip over)

Band on the Hop

Let Me Roll You (until you find your peg leg)

Heather Wheels (inside her other leg)

Magneto and Aluminum Leg Man

Limping to What the Man Said

Silly Limp Songs

Coffee on the Left Leg

Limp and Let Limp

With a Little Limp

The Lame and Limping Road

Rough Ride (Watching for Splinters)

Uncle Ringo / Legs Across the Water

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