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The meaning behind your band/album name?


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Well, mine is called "a dichotomy of silence"... and what it's supposed to call to attention is that music is comprised of both sound and silence, and most folks don't realize or notice that the silence in music is at least as important as the sound. Plus, in general, it's sort of a quasi-mysterious, calm sort of phrase.... :)



Phil "Llarion: The Jazzinator" Traynor


Smooth Jazz

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Chance processes build complex things in the world: Things that can be quite organized. Improvisational music can be thought of like this. JamFree is the ongoing experimental music project of two brothers. As the core of weekly improvisational jams, we bring in various musicians and play without pretension or expectation. Musical styles range from jazz, blues, and country to experimental noise and heavy progressive rock. Mistakes do not matter, and there are essentially no rules; just a search for spontaneous events to emerge from what may, at times, be chaotic and messy. The valuable moments that come out of an inspired and symbiotic coordination between musicians make it all worth it. The implied philosophy is one of

freedom: Freedom to explore possibilities of composition and allow random processes a turn at building something organized and special.


Most of the jams are recorded and many are freely available for anybody with an interest in listening. JamFree has a CD containing not only jams but rehearsed and polished songs as well. This can be purchased. Music is not merely a product to be distributed, but artists cannot be expected to provide their expressions without some sort of compensation. JamFree thrives on a genuine desire to make music, and strives to walk the line between sharing creations and attempting to fund our passion. Money matters not, until it does.

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I called my own group Syntaxis, which should reflect its two main goals: The focus on languages (syntax) and on synthesizers (synth axis).

I also find that it has a nice 'latin' flavour... (meaning the ancient Latin language, not Latin America!)

Also, someone pointed to me that in 'real' Latin, 'sin taxis' means "with no taxes"!! :D:D

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Well, the band with which I currently do the most gigs, Area 51, is one for which I thought of the name. It's a funk band, so I wanted something reminiscent of P-Funk's space-alien associations: the mothership, star child, etc. For awhile, our logo was a flying saucer with three "gray" aliens clad in pimp-daddy hats and fur coats.


In high school, I tried to start a Zappa tribute band called "Necessity." As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Was hard to find high-school musicians (myself included) who could pull off "St Alfonzo" though.

Stephen Fortner

Principal, Fortner Media

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The only band I was ever in that had a name with any meaning was Plastic Sam and the Flexibles. It was maybe 12 years ago. DSears had a DOS PC and sequencer software. I did a lot of the sequencing, mostly for drum, bass, and extra keyboard parts. We had a singer, a guitarist, and two keyboardists (DSears and myself).


Plastic Sam was the computer. We were The Flexibles though it was really a reference to the 5 1/4" floppy disks.



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My current cover band is called "Pierced Heart". I've had that obviously play on my last name in the back of my mind for years and years, but no one else ever seemed to like it.


But the band leader and principal organizer of this band is named Chris Hartje, and it turns out Hartje means "Little Heart" in Danish or some such. When we were discussing names he said he was thinking of "Little Heart", but was afraid people would think we were a Heart Tribute band. I mentioned "Pierced Heart", everyone loved it, and that was that.


I retrospect I'm not sure it's the perfect name for a cover band targeting corporates and weddings, but it seems to be working out so far. BTW, you can check us out at www.piercedheart.com . That's still under development a bit, but it looks passable.



Make my funk the P-funk.

I wants to get funked up.


My Funk/Jam originals project: http://www.thefunkery.com/


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Originally posted by Dave Pierce:

But the band leader and principal organizer of this band is named Chris Hartje, and it turns out Hartje means "Little Heart" in Danish or some such. .



harje is indeed little heart. maybe in Danish, but definitly in Dutch.


our band is called entire. don't know why really but i like the name. it's is better than the name we used to have wich was Anderson's Front :D




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Originally posted by DKeenum:

I appologize it this takes the post in the wrong direction, but...


If I were ever in a heavy metal band I would lobby for the name,"Sphincter." It just has a ring to it.

Someone beat you to it.



"For instance" is not proof.


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