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SampleTank Opinions?


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I have SonicSynth which is SampleTankLE with third party samples. It is actually pretty nice and the closest thing to a software ROMpler. Comparing SampleTank to Kontakt or GigaStudio is very much like comparing a Triton or Motif to an Akai. Version two looks nice and I am considering the upgrade. One thing I don't like is the challenge response copy protection that so many companies are now using. Kontakt and GigaStudio also use it, so I guess you cannot really consider it a negative.


I do have a suggestion. Check out the latest Crystal software which now loads sample content so you can program it like a ROMpler. rgcAudio is also working on a sound font VSTi and the early word is that streaming and possible Giga format import is coming in the future.



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