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Well, they have the NAMM show. Why not the SPAM show? Here are a few ideas to support the acronym. [i]Society for the Proliferation of A$$hole Musicians Scheisters, Producers, Agents and Management Song Promotion Ad nauseuM Simpletons, Poseurs, And Morons[/i] ...or for a wider audience... [i]Scientifically Produced Annoying eMail Special Promotional Announcement Muck Somebody Please Answer Me![/i] If the SPAM show takes off, next year we can roll out a completely online version, the TROLL show. [i]Talent Reject On Line Lately Too Righteous Over Ludicrous Littanies Treacherous Reckless Offensive Lurking Loonies Take a Rest Oafish Laughable Loudmouth Try Rehabing One's Listless Life[/i]

The Black Knight always triumphs!


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You mean where thousands of spammers get together in a convention like atmosphere and no-one listens to each other,just themselves?After attending a few rec. company conventions I think I know exactly how this experience feels. :D
"A Robot Playing Trumpet Blows"
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