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I have an idea for Keyboard Mag...


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Although it is very possible this has been done before, so if it has, sorry for repeating the suggestion.


I say the editor(s) compile a list of forum member's tips and advice, and publish it over a series of perhaps, 3 or 4 issues.



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Or someone (or group of members) could get such an article/piece together & offer it to the mag.

That would, perhaps, make it's getting printed more likely by giving the editorial staff a finished version of the idea rather than adding to their task of chores.

Find out their writing guidelines & then ...

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Something like this was suggested to Keyboard when Greg and John were running it.


We talked about the possibility of something like a page in each issue dedicated to stuff from the forum which might be interesting to their readers, but they didn't like the idea. I even compiled a couple of threads for them to review, but they just weren't into it...


Maybe I'll suggest again to Ernie or Ken when I see them next. The current vision of the mag is definitely different from the Rule/Krogh vibe, but I don't know if something from here would fit with what they're trying to do with the book.





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Interesting. I had exactly the same experience. I wonder if there was a glitch in their subscriptions department this summer?


I called them to inquire about the whereabouts of my delinquent magazine in late August, and they promptly sent out a copy and, apparently, fixed the problem (since I've received issues regularly since).


Here's the contact info:



Keyboard c/o Neodata

Box 58528

Boulder, CO 80322-8528


Outside U.S. and Canada: 850-682-7644

Address changes on current subscriptions: keyboardmag@neodata.com





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Though I'm hardly in touch (compared to Dave B) with what's what at KB editorially, I'd still suggest thhat anyone who thinks they've a worthy subject to outline could develop an article to submit if (1) they can express it well, (2) they first get a magazine's writers guidelines & policies for submission & (3) are able to provide a brief to the editors.

Of course, they still might not accept it...but they might!

If you can express yourself clearly & with focus (& if you have a good idea/concept!) it's a mere hop/skip/etc. from the forum here to the printed page...even if just the letters page. ;)

I'd suggest, though, that a single piece or lesson would be a better bet than angling for a regular feature.

Also KB's not the only option---ideas about electronic or tech subjects could be offered to other mags (GPlayer, etc.)---publication in one place can reinforce one's status in another.

Give it a shot; what's to lose?

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