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Evolution UC-33.


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I've waited a long to time to pick up a control surface for Cubase & all my VSTi's.


I got the UC-33 recently, and am having a lot of problems with it. This unit comes stock with presets for just about everything I own, which is why I bought it, but none of them actually work. The unit controls Cubase ok, but a lot of the parameters such as eq & solo & mute buttons don't do anything, and none of the presets work on the B4 or Pro-52. I've been in contact several times with the tech at Evolution, but it seems he's given up.

I bought this thing to make life easier, but I'm beginning to thing I should have just stuck with the mouse. Anyone have any experience with this paper weight?


Win98se, Cubase VST32,latest drivers for the unit, etc.




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Maybe its a defective unit? I have the UC-16 and it works as promised, presets and otherwise.


I waited for the UC-33 for 6 months but no one had them in the US in stock. Then the distributor stop carrying the line, but just last week and went to Guitar Center and there it was! I'd go back to the place you bought it and demand a replacement.

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