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As I wait for a OSX version of Sound Diver or an equivilent patch librarian, I seem to remember someone discussing using the Logic Environment as a patch editor. Is this possible, and if so can you use an environment as a librarian as well? Is there a place on the web where you can download Logic Environments? Finally, are there any shareware libararian programs for OSX?


Thanks, -jl

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A well-done Logic Environment can serve as an editor and librarian, but it's a lot of work. Hopefully, you can find a good environment for your instrument(s) already done. The Environment guru Len Sasso has his webpage at www.swiftkick.com , and you can find there lots of information and environment layers for various instruments. For instance, Andy Cherna did one for the Alesis synths that includes controls for various parameters as well as all patchnames for the factory banks and several Q-cards. It's exceptional to have that level of detail provided, but you can always add the patchnames yourself (and for your own patches) if theyre not included. The Swiftkick website has other information, and you can purchase there a good manual on building environment objects. It's worthwhile, but could cause a headache if you don't want to get too technical. Most likely any instruments that there are environments for are on that site, but if there are any others, you might find them among the links on the ( emagic website.
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