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Sonar 3 missing Play List feature


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Does anyone else have this problem?? This is a copy of an email I just sent to Cakewalk:


I am sending this in hopes that it will reach those in some position of authority at Cakewalk, and not just a customer service rep. Please forward it as appropriate.


It is with deep regret that, today, I have to package up my Sonar 3 upgrade and return it for a refund. I received my return authorization this afternoon form a customer service rep.


I have been a Cakewalk Pro and Sonar user for a decade, but it appears I have no choice but to look into other company's products. Cakewalk apparently no longer supports users such as myself, and fails to properly advertise changes in their products when offering "upgrades".


One of the important features (to me) of Sonar 2.2 (which I have been using for over a year) and all previous versions of Cakewalk, has been the "play list" feature, which allowed me to use Sonar and Cakewalk very effectively in live performance situations. I have used your products on stage since 1995. As of your latest "upgrade", you no longer provide this program option, and your tech people tell me it's because your product is designed for studio, not live, use.


I have several problems with this. At one time, you clearly aimed your products at those of us who used them live, and now you appear to have abandoned us. I was told that "only" 5% of your users used this feature. I am quite sure that, if you researched your product usage carefully, you would find plenty of small features that are used by 5% or fewer of your users. Are you going to remove those features as well?? One of the advantages of your products has always been the fact that there were many ways to do the same things, allowing users to use whichever approach worked best for them. Are you abandoning this software design philosophy?


What further bothers me is the way in which you advertised this upgrade. No where do you indicate that this feature was being discontinued. I looked carefully at your web site and in the email and mail promos you sent me, and it's not there anywhere. What IS there are many clear statements that indicate Sonar 3 is compatible with Sonar 2's file formats. One of these formats was the play lists with the .SET extension, which Sonar 3 will NOT open. Therefore, the product is NOT compatible with previous files, as you state. This is false advertising!


While I give you credit for offering to refund my money, including shipping, this in no way makes up for the hours I spent installing the software, working with it only to find out it wouldn't do what you promised, then carefully searching the manual and the "help" files for information, followed by checking the web site for the information, all before emailing your tech help people and simply being told "the Playlist feature is not in Sonar 3 because it is designed for Studio and Recording and not for Live Play." How does this qualify as an acceptable response to my inquiry?? My follow-up email, asking about a return and refund, was never answered. It took a 30-minute (25 of it on hold) long-distance phone call to get a proper response and to be directed to customer service, where another 15 minute on-hold wait finally got me the offer of a refund. As you can probably tell, I experienced a great deal of frustration both with your product and your tech service.


I was told on the phone that there may be plans to offer a playlist update. If this is done, perhaps I can return to using your products. In the mean time, I am forced to research other companies' products to find out who will support my endeavors and represent their products honestly. I have used your products both for live use and for studio recording, and also use your products in my full-time job as a music teacher. I am recognized as an expert in computer music in this part of Wisconsin, and have been hired by other schools as a consultant when the set up computer music labs. I have always recommended your products in the past. A number of schools use them based on my recommendation. Unless something changes soon, I will no longer be able to recommend your software.


Sincerely and regrettably,


Jim Scheuer

etc.... included contact info and long list of Cakewalk products I own.

Jim Scheuer
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I have used Cakewalk since version 3 and never even realized it had a play list. If I use sequences live I always used hardware or recorded the song instead. Less chance of problems or crashes that way. I don't see much difference between playing along with a sequencer live and playing along with recorded music.



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It's a shame when someone posts once, leaves, and apparently never comes back. Especially when it's a rant. This forum has a lot to offer, and this guys karma could benefit.


Or maybe he just got busy building a time machine so he could create the Nord Lead before Bob Moog was born. :)


And yes, I was baiting Jeebus.

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