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Hi Frank, I hope you don't mind me posting on your post. I wanted to get Mike's attention but was about to start a post when I saw yours and decided to just piggy back on yours. Hope you don't mind :)


Mike Martin can you advice me on this purchase. I will eamil you the receipts if you need to see them.


I bought the MotifES6 from a store which I'll not call at this time as a matter of diplomacy, at least until I get some advice on it


Anyway this is the situation

Long and short is the MotifES came with scratches on the slanted side and on the left front panel. I also noticed that the keys were smudged with finger print as if someone were playing it. There was also a large smudge on the underside where that black panel is located and last I found a piece of debris under the strip of plastic that covers the display.


I bought the unit for $1804.80 under the premise of newly delivered, however my Pastor who has no experience in shopping for keyboard told me that the unit taken from the shelf which obviously was being used as a demo unit. I even spoke to the sales guy on the phone as my pastor got him to call me and at no time did he mentioned that I was being sold a demo unit.


Now my concern is that I wouldn't have paid that much for a demo unit and I was shopping around for a sealed unit. So I need to know what to make of this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I have the receipt with me at this very moment and it doesn't state Scratch and Dent or Open Box or Demo so what is going on here.....


This is really bad especially when I see posts where persons have bought the MotifES7 for $2080 and the MotifES8 for $2400.


Was this fair on the part of the salesperson who I wont name at this time.


I will email you the receipt which has his name on if requested. Please forward a reply to



Thanks Mike and thanks Frank

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Sorry I don't have my camera at the show this year. I'll see if any of the other guys have one here.



Skyyder -

Email me at mmartin@yamaha.com and we'll figure this out. Since I'm out here at AES for a couple more days, I really won't be able to work on this until the middle of next week. (I haven't had a day or weekend off, in a little while). Obviously I'd suggest you contact the retailer you purchased this from about the problem first. Send me all the details and an email and I'll be in touch.

-Mike Martin



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