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is it just me or.....

n Flux

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Seeing as you're from Tarpon Springs, might have something to do with that. All that salt gets into the electronics making a keyboard's life very short. It's probably too expensive to be a keyboardist there.


Now in Tampa, we're a bit more inland. Less salt contamination = longer keyboard life. I've had my JP-8000 for over 5 years and it still aliases just as good as when I got her. However, I don't consider myself much of a keyboardist.




Michael Oster

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We might just have all of the keyboard players here. That means we all should be able to make a living playing, right?


Right?? ;)

**Standard Disclaimer** Ya gotta watch da Ouizel, as he often posts complete and utter BS. In this case however, He just might be right. Eagles may soar, but Ouizels don't get sucked into jet engines.
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I've noticed that too, but I'm not complaining; Grand Forks ND was the only place I had trouble finding a gig. Glad this forum is here so we can talk shop without having to do it with a drummer! :P:D


Oh, and I'm a keyboardist who's learning sax, what's the money like up there, Soultwist?


"Eccentric language often is symptomatic of peculiar thinking" - George Will


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Yeah, I play keys for 10 years now, and I've only met people that plays only piano, that have no idea about pitch-benders or layers... :o

It's so strange to me 'cause I love so much that instrument, it's really part of my life...and I spend much time in it. :confused:


Maybe in 10 years keyboard world will change into the guitar world now...


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There's not a whole lot of keyboard players in my area, either. I've "met" one...I know a couple other bands in the area have them too, but I haven't met them.


It makes it easy to get into groups when I'm looking...I mean, there are tons of guitarists, bassists and drummers. Just a few keyboardists, though. So if any group is inclined to have a keyboardist (not all are; being so few keyboardists, some groups direct themselves into a different direction than they'd go with a keyboardist), I usually don't even have to audition!


Scratch that. I NEVER auditioned.

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Well, it could be an exception, but I know several keyboardists. Not a lot maybe, but quite a few. About half of the pro pianists I know play some kind of synth too. And the 'real' keyboard players are very good - sometimes I struggle to keep up with some aspect of their playing. I find that in my country, there is by far less space in the pro music world than talented musicians who would deserve to make it. The proof: Sleight of hand, I can think of maybe five or six people in Rome alone, who I could call indifferently for a jazz gig, a rock keyboard job, a chamber music concert, or a multikeyboard session in the studio. I mean, this is just among the people I know personally.


I think that historically, good bass players are the most in demand musicians. Some of them develop a kind of divistic sense - they know how much the other musicians need them. :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Dave Pierce:

Keyboardists are definitely less common around here than other common ensemble players. Although it's probably even harder to find a sax player.



Gosh no - There are almost as many sax players in Portland as guitarists. The place is infested.


We have a number of good keyboard players (read: better than I, sigh) in town. But still a small number.

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