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The Golden Age Of Analog Modular Synthesis


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Is it not the golden age of analog modular synthesis?


When in history has there been this degree of choice and quality?


Analog Solutions - http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~concuss/


  • Concussor Modular System, Vostok, Red Square, Black Coffee...


Analogue Systems - http://www.analoguesystems.co.uk/index2.htm

  • RS Integrator Modular System and modules...


Blacet - http://www.blacet.com/

  • pre-assembled modules and kits...


Buchla - http://www.buchla.com/BarberShoppe/index.htm

  • two modules for the 200-series modular...


Cynthia - http://www.cyndustries.com/

  • unique modules that utilize the Modcan form factor...


Doepfer - http://www.doepfer.de/home_e.htm

  • a great selection of different modules...


EFM (Electronics For Music) - http://www.ele4music.com/

  • they specialize in analog synthesizer kits...


Evenfall - http://www.minimodular.com/

  • home of the MiniModular...


Metasonix - http://www.metasonix.com/

  • thermionic valve-driven modules...


Modcan - http://www.modcan.com/page2.html

  • wide selection of modules with banana jacks...


ModuSonics - http://www.moogce.com/

  • a clone of the original Moog modular...


Moog Music - http://www.moogmusic.com/

  • Moogerfoogers and the CP-251 Control Processor...


MOTM/Synthesis Technology - http://www.synthtech.com/motm.html

  • modules with 1/4" jacks and quality build...


Oakley Sound Systems - http://www.oakleysound.co.uk/

  • modules, kits, other projects...


Paia - http://www.paia.com/p9700s.htm

  • for the solder demon inside you!


Serge - http://www.scampers.com/EGRES/

  • the unofficial site for Serge/Sound Transform Systems...


Synthesizers.com - http://www.synthesizers.com/

  • more modules with 1/4" jacks inspired by the systems of old...


Technosaurus - http://www.technosaurus.ch/product2.htm

  • Swiss modular with funky paint!


Wiard - http://www.wiard.com/

  • modules with incredible flexibility and features...


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This is the one thing that I always wanted and never bought. I am tempted daily, but just cannot quite justify spending two or three thousand dollards for a mono synth. But maybe some day. I keep dreaming. ;)


Thanks for all the links. I only knew about half of them. Now I need to create a special folder in my favorites for modulars. :thu:



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Do realize you could build a sweet little monosynth for a lot less than that with modular components...and if you did spend ~$3K USD, you would have a heck of a lot more than just a monosynth! ;)

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Yes! I've been drooling over the MOTM modules for months! I just don't have the funds to blow on them unfortunately. This is great though because it let's me, a young guy who missed the original party, to get in on it! I love the sound, and now I can build my own! I'm one of those guys who will end up with a wall sized synth and use 20 modules just for one small sound.
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But where do you store the patches? ;)


Seriously, I can count on Aeon to post something worth savig forever periodically such as this. The sound of real analog is simply too sweet, like the sound of a real piano or drums. Sometime I do intend to do a project with an Andromeda and some sort of modular synth, with no digital trickery other than effects. Of course that's perhaps $5000 down the road, but it's really not all that far...

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Thanks so very much, Sir Basil. Perhaps I need to consider a career in writing! ;)


The first post has been edited to add Oakley Sound Systems.


I will continue to update the list if I find any more I have missed (and I am sure I have)...so suggestions are most welcome.




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a golden age? A Golden Age? A GOLDEN AGE?

Yes. I feel you are absolutely right. Some of the acoutrements might simplify some of the tasks. With all the recordings having been made, I am afraid we are set up for indulgence more than music. This assumption probably makes sense for those who have been involved for a greater length of time, are not in it for the money, or those who have the forsight and means to mix mediums of instruments.

I have the priviledge of being under experienced in electronics and can eailsy be wowed without recording. Though a more cohesive approach (mixing, instrumentation gathered over a longer period of time) would probably help. I was innattentive enough to realize the thread is on modular synthesis. Sorry.

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I am obliged to compliment a worthy post. You've been putting out these tidbits of hints of suggestions of things, and knowing you have a small arsenal, I'm very curious as to what you have been doing with your toys. Such as the JD-990 and Dave Smith Evolver - the demos on that are astonishing, what a beast, and the 990 is much too unappreciated. Is that website coming along with some mp3 samples yet?
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Well most are compatable so it depends what your going after.


I have a few MOTM modual which were well layed out, organized and easy to build, but I did not tackle there oscs.


Serge and Doepher and Analog Solutions (as well as MOTM) all sound great to me. But you can mix and match moduals all you want as long as it is the same CV, or just pump the audio singnal from one to the other.


Personally I've heard most of them by now, but only made 3 moduals myself due to building a new studio, but I will get back to it one day.

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