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Kurzweil me-1 rhodes and wurly?


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I know this has been discussed before but I'm looking for some more opinions. How do you me-1 owners like the rhodes and wurlitzer sounds? I'm looking for greasy funky sounds ala 70's Herbie Hancock not tinny wedding band bell chime time sounds. Does the me-1 do this? How does the me-1 sounds compare to other comparably priced units and also to the real thing? thanks
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I believe that you would be plenty happy with the ME-1 electric piano sounds. As someone mentioned, they are just a tad "tinkly" in the uppermost octaves, but who really plays the majority of their EP sounds up in the stratosphere anyways? The EPs in the ME-1 are varied and useful, with everything from a vintage stage Rhodes sound with varying levels of tine noise to chorused and phased versions of Rhodes, Wurly and even some CP-80 type sounds.


The ME-1 is an excellent value for the number of sounds and the quality of the sounds. The piano samples alone make the module worth buying, in my opinion. It is a preset machine, with very minimal user edits available (FX level, FX type, transposition) and no user memory. The 256 presets cover a wide territory. There are even some halfway decent synth sounds onboard.




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