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PalmOS application

Florin Andrei

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Someone told me a while ago that he's seen a tiny-tiny softsynth for PalmOS. Nothing fancy, just an octave or so, and of course no polyphony, etc. Actually more like a very crude "software piano" for kids than a true softsynth.

I liked the idea, especially since i carry a PalmOS device (Hanspring Prism) with me all the time, and it's also my cell phone (using a cell phone module from Handspring). It would be very nice to have a microscopic keyboard :) in my pocket, so i can play when i feel like (of course, the ability to record a session would be even better).


I searched the Internet, but i couldn't find any application like that.

Suggestions, anyone?...

Florin Andrei



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I'm currently providing IT Operations support to Tapwave, a startup company making a Palm-OS-based gaming device. A bunch of people here are early-days Palm people, and have tons of connections in the Palm world. I'll ask around on Monday. If nothing does exist, maybe one of them will write it. ;)



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I use a software synth/drum machine pretty similar to Rebirth, "Microbe", but it only supports recent OS 5.0 devices:




Also, the author of this shareware (I'm in touch with him since I've purchased Microbe) is about to release another application, closer to a sequencer+sampler:




Microbe works fine on Tapwave devices, as well as on my old Tungsten T ;)



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