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Mike Martin, a question about "Graded Actions" in vertical storage


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Is there any risk to the Yamaha Graded Action when keeping a P series keyboard in storage in a vertical position? A service tech once told me NOT to store my Kurzweil PC2X in a vertical position because the Fatar key action alignment could be slowly effected by gravity causing the weighted keys to shift (slide) downwards on the long metal shaft they all pivot on. He also said that bushings could become compressed when leaning the action in a vertical position. Is a verticle storage position a risk for Yamaha "Graded Actions"?
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As far as the PC2X goes, it must take longer than 2 1/2 years. For about 3 years I had 2. One stayed in a flight case in the Garage wih 100+ degree summers. It played perfectly when I pulled it out. I may have been lucky but not likely. You see, backline companies (they rent keyboards) store their keyboards the same way ... vertical. No worries mate..

Take Care,


George Hamilton

Yamaha US

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