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smashing pumpkins' vocal fx

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i am currently mixing a smashingpumpkins-type band and i'd like to use the same "breezy" "ethereal" vocal effect used on billy corgan.i'm pretty sure corgan doubles his vocals so i made the singer in the band do just that.but then i kept fucking around with short delays and choruses and it just wouldn't work (note:the band singer's voice is very similat to billy corgan,very thin and nasal). anyone can help me dealing with this? super thanks.
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Do you have any "stereo simulation" fx? That usually does it. If not, I've had luck with bouncing the vocal to two other tracks; so you end up with the original in the middle and the other two panned left and right- but the two that are left and right, I will push back 12-20 ms. For some reason it seems to work better than a delay effect, in certain situations.

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