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For Logic Platinum users...6.3.1 is out.


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For OSX:


New Features in Version 6.3.1:


Support of the Digidesign ProTools|HD Accel System


Demoversion of Space Designer (Dan, you must check this out!!! :thu: )


Further improvements, like...


Smart Snap Option


The zoom-dependent drag grid (Smart Snap - introduced in version 6) is now available as an option. Use the option Smart Snap when dragging on the Global Preferences page (Logic menu > Preferences > Global Preferences). If this option is switched off, Logic acts like before version 6: You can move objects quantized to bars, with CTRL pressed down quantized to the Format value, with CTRL and SHIFT you can move objects in Ticks.

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Man, I need a G5. My G3/350 is so last millenium. I can wait to check out these "plug-ins" people keep talking about. :) Seriously, if I boot up Space Designer on my G3, it will just laugh in my face and then shut down for an hour-long nap.
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