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semi vs. fully


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yes yes - fully weighted or semiweighted or...?

Please, could you guys help me out?


I have a QS8.1. I really really like it, but I am not too fond of carrying it to gigs (especially because its large weight and hi fragility)...


So I'd like to get a semi-weighted 76 or 88 keybrd or controller. I've played the Kurz SP88 before and the semiaction is OK for my needs. Now, I know studiologic makes the TMK88 and the SL-760 controllers. Is the action the same? Is this action = the SP88 action??? I've heard Kurzweil buys the system from Studiologic...


I've gone to my local store - they dont have any of these!



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You really have to try it out - the action may be the same, but depending how it's installed, it will feel differently. I can't remember, but there was one case between a Studiologic controller and a weighted key synth, that although having the same model# action from FATAR they felt quite different.


Action is such a personal thing - I can't stand the action of the QS8.x, but a lot of people like it. My pc88mx feels very confortable to me, although I've seen all sorts of complains about it.

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It's clearly a personal preference kind-of- thing. Growing up on a piano action, I prefer the feel of a fully weighted keyboard. I enjoy the tactile feedback that it gives, and feel that I can play more expressively / better with it.


Semi-weighted or unweighted keys do make it easier to do Hammond-style "wipes", and may make it easier to perform rapid turns and trills, etc. If you grew up with playing a synth style keyboard, or don't want to schlep around a heavy board when you are gigging, semi-weighted might be all you need. There's a wide variation in the feel of these actions, so just like buying an acoustic (real) piano, take your time and try out all the contedners extensively.


You probably knew this all already....Good luck shopping.

Tom F.

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