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Help - Trinity Pro-X Outputs.


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I have a Trinity Pro-X.

I have always used either:

the L [Mono] OR

the L & R Outputs

to route sound from the keyboard Programs / Combinations to amplifiers or the mixer.

I would like to know if it is possible to route 4 different tracks from the sequencer to 4 different channels of a mixer so that they can be independently processed / mixed [or to 4 different recording tracks if I'm recording so that each track can be mixed independently].

I say '4 different channels' because of the 4 outputs [1, 2, 3, 4.] on the back of the PRO-X.

Is it possible to send all 16 tracks to 16 separate recording tracks at one pass?


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You've got 4 assignable outs on the Trinity, which means you can send to 4 channels on your mixer and process or EQ as you see fit. I don't have a Trinity in front of me, but if I remember correctly you are able to group sequencer tracks together and send them to any of the assignable outs as you see fit. It's not possible to record 16 individual tracks out of the Trinity at once.
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