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your favorite sample libs?


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All for Gigastudio:


Rhodes - Scarbee RSP73

Acoustic piano - Bardstown Bosendorfer and Vintaudio Yamaha


El Bass: Scarbee J-Slap and J-Fingered


Acoustic bass: Larry Seyer, Sonic Implants Amps and Pickups


Nylon Guitar: Yellow Tools


Trumpet & bone: QLB, but not by much


Sax: None!


El Guitar: none, but SI Amps and Pickups not too bad - this is very style-dependent


Pads/textures: Bolder Sounds Best of Bolder, Atmosphere (but lots of editing)


Clav: Boris' Clav


Drums: Drumkit from Hell


All just opinion, of course.



It's all about the music. Really. I just keep telling myself that...

The Soundsmith

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Just from hearing the demos, probably one of the best libraries I've ever heard OF is Voices Of The Apocalypse from EastWest Sounds. The word building utility thing they have sounds like it's the ultimate in choir needs. The demo MP3s alone are incredible, not only from the awesome sound of the choir, but the entire pieces of music themselves kick ass. :eek:


Check the MP3s there and see what you think.



Anyone know of any more music similar to these demo MP3s? :confused:

Brett G.

Hall Piano Company, Inc.

Metairie, Louisiana

Kurzweil Keyboard Dept. Manager


"My dream is to have sex in odd time signatures." - J. Rudess

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Originally posted by Togakure:

Anyone know of any more music similar to these demo MP3s? :confused:

Some of the more traditional orchestral score demos resemble something James Newton Howard might do - e.g., The Postman soundtrack".


You might find some of heavy, edgy Industrial qualities in Karma's Delirium or some of Front Line Assembly's CDs.


There's lots of choir based apocalyptic classical music. Maybe do a search in rec.music.classical

Mahler and Bruckner might be good ones to check out. Maybe include their names in a search that also includes the term 'apocalyptic."


As far as personal favorite sound libs, I really like these:



~Peter Schouten

Pyramid Sound Productions

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