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Firewire Audio Interfaces

Pat Azzarello

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I'm thinking about going Firewire for the audio interfaces in my "Soft synth" PC. I was originally leaning toward the Audiophile 24/96, but after talking with Busch today I realized that I need to have a multihost interface so I can use Gigastudio AND other soft synths.


The M-Audio 410 seems like a pretty good deal. Anyone have one? Feedback?


Anyone out there have other recommendations in the lower end of the price spectrum (<$500).

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I am using a Firewire 410 with my Mac OS X. It sounds very clean. In playing back older mixes, I notice more detail in the sound than before. The record inputs are clean as well; I dont have to pump up the input to this device like I had to with my last interface. The only problem is that I use a Glyph and an OWC firewire drive, and it will not work on the firewire chain with those devices! I am ordering a firewire 400 to 800 cable to put the 2 drives on the FW800. We will see what happens, and I will post the result. M-Audio has been excellent in conversing with me on this issue, so I am sure it will be fixed soon.

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