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ShuttleX PC's - Anyone using one for audio?

Pat Azzarello

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I'm really thinking about buying one of these.


Shuttle Home Site


Anyone have any direct experience with them?


They're light (keeps the neurosurgeon from twitching) It would be nice to be able to carry to a gig (a flat panel, kbd and mouse and I'd have my dream soft synth machine) or a studio. They aren't too expensive either (about $800 street price).


Retail listing


They seem pretty performant too. They have a lot of stuff built in, and including firewire, USB 2.0 and digital audio outs, built in video plus AGP and 1 PCI slot (one model has 2 PCI slots and no AGP).

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There are a few DAW companies selling them.($1599). Seeing as the specs meet the demands of a DAW they should work great. I'll be putting together for my next DAW. Thats not a bad deal but you could do better. Check on www.pricewatch.com. You may have to buy the cpu/ram/drives seperately but thats an easy install and setup.
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