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Transition from Hard to Soft Sequencing


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Oh well, I have finally done it. :D I have bought a 1 Ghz Dual processor G4 (see this thread for further info ). The program of choice is.....Logic Audio 6.0 Platinum! I've been ducking doing music on computers for years for various reasons: hard drive locking up, programs freezing, portability, compatibility issues, etc. Even though, I knew that it would make my life easier, I just figured that the transition would be too time-consuming and confusing. The final straw was when my favorite sampler (E4XT Ultra) went software. Well, I'm here now. Why did I choose Logic? Well, with all of the praise that it receives, everyone can't be wrong. :cool: Do you know about the steeeep learning curve? Yes, but nothing that a couple of books won't solve and from all of my reading, if I'm gonna do it, I might as well do it right. :thu: Being so used to my keyboard and MPC sequencing, this is a real struggle for me to leave my comfort zone. OTOH, it's adapt or be left behind.


Now, as I prepare to step into the unknown, I would greatly appreciate any help about getting started with Logic and the Mac. What were your mistakes and setbacks? What would you have done differently when you first got started? What helped you to adapt?


BTW, how was your transition? :thu:

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Originally posted by Darcity:

Do you know about the steeeep learning curve?

The learning curve is grossly exaggerated. My copy of logic came with a tutorial on setting up your own custom Environment. I followed that and had things up and running in less than an hour. Then I met a guy at music store who was a Logic expert. He showed me several tricks in a twenty minute demo. That's it. My whole Logic training experience. Something that you can learn in an hour-and-a-half doesn't equate to a "steep learning curve" in my understanding of the phrase.


I've posted some Logic setup tips on the Frangioni board. If you run a search, you should find them.

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