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Bizarre SONAR + Kurz PC88mx Midi problem

Rod S

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Strange SONAR Behavior...


I was doing some midi recording (Pc88mx into Midi in), and playing back, I noticed there were some down pedal ccs missing (ie I wasn't hearing the pedal when I knew I had pressed it)


So I went into the event list, and the cc event was there, but other than

1 Control 64-Sus Pedal 127


I had this in it`s place.

2 Control 127 0


WTH? The cc event was in the right place, but instead of the pedal down event I get that. It happened about 8 times through the song (90 measure song) - the rest of the times it was fine.


It`s not a huge deal, but it`s just bizarre. Kind of annoying. I don`t remember having this problem in the past. Why now?

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Where some of the data is correct and some is not, I would jave to say that it's probably not a situation where remapping of the controller number or value is happening. Otherwise, they all would be conforming to the remapping.


This sounds more like a software bug in SONAR and you should report it to them.


I noticed that that left hand value is also different. Is this MIDI channel number?


If so, also in tune with it being a SONAR software bug.


Either way, this sounds annoying.


Larry Hopkins

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