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Sampler (hard or Soft) with the best and most filters, mods, routing, etc.... ??


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Since I work with samples a lot I was wondering what sampler has the most types and best sounding filters for tweaking and customizing sounds? Hard or soft does not matter.


Also, which ones have the most options for programming and tweaking sounds (modulations, routing, etc...) ??


THANKS for the input!!

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Hands down, the most complex (most programmable options) has to go to the Kurzweil 2600/VAST system.


As far as filters, they have a decent selection, but they also have shapers, which can totally transform a waveshape.


They also have more comprehensive controllers than any other synth I'm aware of (except some older Buchla stuff, which has no keyboard or MIDI.)


Unfortunately, the basic sounds suck, in my opinion. There is something about the timbre that sounds 'cardboard', like the old M1. Fortunately, you can add your own samples into the mix, so this can be overcome.



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With the price of hardware samplers at an all time low, I'd like to know what you guys like for the effects, filters, and ease of use??


I have an s5000 (but it doesn't have any efx) so I might want to add an Emu Ultra or A5000 for the filter and efx options available. Any thoughts on those?


Or with all thnigs considered, would you rather go with Kontakt for those features compared to the hardware ones mentioned??



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I picked up an A5000. Nice sound, difficult OS. After owning an Emu ESI-32 for a few years I though sampler OS's would evolve. The Emu was much, much eaier to use. If you can find and Ultra for the same price as the A5000 I suggest the Ultra.



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I used to have[still have 2 off them] esi 32,akai 2800,akai S 5000,emu 6400...But i now use EXS 24 and I'm really happy I don't miss anything,also Kontakt is great for filters[this is in my next list followed by Intakt I'm just waiting for Os X support].
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Originally posted by Dan South:

The main constraint on hardware is the size of the samples.

Problem solved. :)

K2661 Integration with a DAW


Using the ADAT and MIDI connections of the K2661, you can:

  • Use the K2661 as your controller for soft-synths and samplers, such as Gigasampler
  • Send the audio output of your Gigasampler/soft-synth out the ADAT into the K2661, up to 8 channels at a time
  • Process incoming Gigasamples/soft-synth output through VAST and KDFX
  • Send it all back out, 8 channels at a time, into the DAW through ADAT

This way, you have a tightly integrated system whereby the K2661 is your MIDI controller, triggering samples that are being sent into the K2661 for processing, which is controlling all of the filters, envelopes, etc... all at the same time.

In a nutshell, VAST/KDFX processing for your Gigasamples. :D Then you think of doing this along with Triple Mod Processing... and your head explodes. :eek::eek:

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