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Kurzweil KME-61 : Roadworthy?


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I was just re-reading Steve Fortner's magnificent review of this keyboard last night and although a 61-note keyboard is not a high priority for me, I admit that I have some gear lust for this item, given the price point.


I have not seen one in person, so I would like to know how well it is built. It seems the trend on the less expensive keyboards is to use plastic chassis parts, somewhat flimsy keyboard actions and external power supplies. I know the KME-61 has an external power supply, :( , which bums me out quite a bit, but I might be able to get past it. Aside from this, is the chassis steel or plastic? How robust is the keyboard action compared to something like a Karma that has a featherweight keyboard?




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Magnificent? Aw, shucks... I still have it here, actually, so let's take a look...


Only the end caps appear to be plastic. The bottom, back, and control panel surfaces are all metal. In typical fashion, the bottom panel wraps around front to form the bed underneath the keys. Putting it on an X stand now... there's no flex in the chassis whatsoever, and I'm pressing down on the center of the unit pretty hard. Now I'm doing the same thing with an old K-2000. Lots of flex, and a little creaking.


As for the key action, I'd say it's a little more substantial than the K-2000, but a tad less so than my Roland VK-7. Those are what are in the room to compare it to right now. On the undersides of the keys, a little more space appears to be devoted to weights than on the K-2000. There are no such weights visible on the VK-7, though its keys feel generally heavier and more chunky. I've played the Karma a few times, but I don't have clear enough recollections to make an objective comparison at the moment.


Geosync, you around? You could say more about what kind of action is used, the chassis, etc.


External PSU's are a pain... one more thing you have to plug in and carry in your cord bag, They have an up side though: Most times I've had a keyboard go down before a gig, it's beem the power supply. If it's internal, you're hosed, unless you have a backup keyboard or spare parts on hand and are handy with a soldering iron. If it's external, it's no big deal to carry a backup.


I've tried to be kind to the review unit, but I've used it on a number of gigs, and had no problems. As always, a hard, snug-fitting case makes all the difference.


To maintain professional standards, I need to say that this is me talking, not necessarily the magazine, but how's that for customer service from your friendly neighborhood reviewer? :) Hope it helps.

Stephen Fortner

Principal, Fortner Media

Former Editor in Chief, Keyboard Magazine

Digital Piano Consultant, Piano Buyer Magazine


Industry affiliations: Antares, Arturia, Giles Communications, MS Media, Polyverse



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Excellent! Thanks for the follow up. It is not often that the questions I have from an equipment review are answered by the reviewer himself! Great job!





P.S. After hearing that the KME-61's keys are not far from the VK-7's in terms of rigidity, I'm even more tempted to try one of these guys out!

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