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Does anyone have any opinions on Korg products. I bought a Korg MS2000B, 44 key Analog unit. I know it is made for fat sounds, but can I get softer sounds off of it. I am new to Analog synths. I kind of thought of the Nord lead products. But for price I went with the Korg. You know I have noticed one thing about these so called music wholesellers on the Net. They make it look like your getting a good deal by showing the Manufacturers price, then showing a couple of marked down prices. I think they do that to make you think your getting a good deal. Most local dealers give the same price or better. But I do like the idea of being able to return the product if your not happy with it. A lot of local dealers won't do that. Well, do you think I made a good decision on the Korg or do you think it is a return item. So far, and I haven't tried all the sound parameters on it, I like most of what I hear. But I haven't read any real good reviews, but not real bad ones either. But for price what can you expect. It is just like the 2000R. except it has a Mic for the Vocoder. got to go.
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Showing an MSRP and showing the "sale" price is hardly unique to online music retailers or M.I. dealers, so I'm not sure if that was a complaint or just a comment.


Can you tell me which authorized Korg keyboard dealer in Illinois does NOT have a return policy? It certainly isn't Sam Ash or Guitar Center, both of which have 30 day returns, and even the smaller music stores have some sort of 3-7 day thing. You can usually negotiate something like that, unless it's special order.


I'm not sure what you mean by "softer" sounds in comparison to a Nord Lead, but I can tell you that if you are looking for Nord-type sounds, you should probably return the MS2000 and save up for a NL. All virtual analogs have a distinct personality, and although they can all do the stock stuff (synthy brass, a res bass, etc), their strengths are relatively exclusive and unique. If the Nord seemed appealingly ballsy to you, you probably aren't going to find the MS2000 a good substitute.


That said, the MS is a great synth in its own right, and the vocoder is eminently usable. And, as you said, it has a great band to buck ratio.


I'm not sure what you mean about

"For instance" is not proof.


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Originally posted by zeronyne:

... Can you tell me which authorized Korg keyboard dealer in Illinois does NOT have a return policy? It certainly isn't Sam Ash or Guitar Center, ...

There is a lot more out there than just Sam Ash and Guitar Center. It is very hard for independant dealers to have this policy because so many people abuse it. Customers don't want to buy an item that is not in a sealed box, much less an item that has been used for a few weeks. Guitar Center and Sam Ash can post these online as "Opened" and customers that order them do not realize how "used" they might be.


For softer sounds on the Korg try Pulse (square) waves and 24db filter (if it is available). Cut the filter amount down, add a bit of resonance, and give it a dash of reverb. That should give you a starting point.



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I have the MS2000R. IMO, you can certainly get some "hard" sounds out of it. Try increasing the cutoff frequency on the filter, having a quicker attack, turning on the distortion, etc. Find one of the presets that you like, and explore. It's a capable little synth, but requires some digging.

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Um...this is an old post, but hopefully you'll see it...you should know that the MS2000 can produce some amazingly beautiful "softer" sounds as you put it...especially if you play with certain waveforms with the cutoff low and resonance high, i have been able to get some really great sounds out of it...and i also like to add a slight bit of slow modulation...gives it a real depth...just some tips...i hope you kept it, because once you really get to know this piece of gear, you will be really happy.

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