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Happy Birthday!! Like my dad always says "it's just a number...you're as old as you think". I'm 42 and when I look at how I feel vs that number it just don't add up. So you're not old...it's just that the body reminds you that you're not 16 anymore!!
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Happy B-day, bud! I guess I missed this yesterday.


The singer for my band turned 50 a month ago, and he's definitely in better shape than me, 15 years his junior. I'm at a point now where my definition of "old" is increasing substantially. :)


- Jeff

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JimmieWannaB wrote:

Before that I went to a few events a DC area radio station, WPGC put on where groups lip synced their current hit. I believe the first one I went to included the Box Tops doing The Letter.
Wow...that's a far cry from the "urban" programming on WPGC these days. ;)


I'm a couple days late, but Happy Birthday!


I turn 32 a week from tomorrow. Thirty wasn't bad at all, because for some reason I freaked out about it 3 months early. :rolleyes: (It only lasted a few days.) By the time The Day actually rolled around, not only did I just not care, but too much stuff had happened in the world (9/11) and in my life (a friend's wife died, my best friend and I broke up, etc.) for the day to have much significance. There just wasn't any room for self-focused birthday stuff, which was fine by me.

"Is it too much to demand? I want a full house and a rock-n-roll band..." ~ Lucinda Williams
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Happy half Century man! Don't worry, it's like they all said...you are as old as you feel. As long as you never lose the muse you'll be immortal!


Me? I'll be 22 in 3 days! I can only hope to be as happy at your age as you seem to be now. Congrats, and I wish you many better days to come! Don't worry about your neighbors! Shake that place with your B3 man! :D

"The heart of the machine is evolving, the soul has emerged, and all who embrace it will reach Teknotic Nirvana." ~ Nos Tehbi "Book of the Teknos"
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I actually got something good out of turning 50 - early retirement. :eek:


Sony is offering a very nice early retirement package that I am taking. I nosed around and found out that I was in line to be laid off after the first of the year so accepting the package is a no brainer. I'll be walking out the door January 5th with close to a year's pay instead of the twelve weeks I would have gotten with the regular RIF package.


After six months of twelve hour days and six day work weeks, I'm looking forward to sitting on my ass for at least some of the time I'm between jobs. Finding a new job seems to be taking 6-12 months so I'll have some time on my hands. Since I won't have money worries (at least for 12 months), I can devote some time to my music. Maybe by the time I find a job, I can let my membership to KWS (Keyboardist Who Suck) lapse. :D

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