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Firewire Question

Tom Fiala

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Easy question here - What are the supposed advantages of a Firewire interface for audio / midi? Is this something only for "pros" who are recording multiple parts simultaneously, or would it be a consideration for the serious hobbyist? Is it really worth switching? Currently, my delta 1010 works fine.

Tom F.

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The most powerful USB interfaces can handle 24-bit streams of up to 4 channels in, two channels out.


FireWire, even the original incarnation, is much, much more powerful in the amount of bandwidth. This should show you pretty clearly:




- Jeff

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Also, if you jump up to 96K then your USB device usually drops your imputs from 4 down to 2. USB can also cause a bit of slop in MIDI timing because the USB spec is not really designing for timing accurate data passage. This is why some people still prefer a MIDI device that connects to a parallel port.



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