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Playing EPS 16+ sequences with computer


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A friend gave me a few floppy disks from his Ensoniq EPS 16+ Sampler/Sequencer. They are recorded piano sequences he made (classical and Jazz - solo piano).


He thought I could play them with my computer sequencer, but no luck. Windows will not boot them ("The disk in drive A is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" message box).


I can't download from his EPS 16+ because he sold it.

Is there a way I can play these sequences? Any software utility I can use?

The piano sound he used was the EPS 16+ Steinway sample recorded on 2 tracks.


I would really like to hear these recordings.



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You'd need to convert those sequences into SMF (standard midi files) in order to play them with your computer's sequencing software.


Try this link:



You should get their EPS & EPS-16 Sequencer Conversion Software (EPSSMF) and the Ensoniq Disk Manager (EDM) to do this successfully.


I had a similar problem with my TS-10 floppies...

I am back.
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